Our work

Since its foundation in 1897, The Heath & Hampstead Society has fought to safeguard the Heath 

An oasis of unspoiled countryside in the heart of Europe’s greatest metropolis. 

We continue to fight for it today. To keep it open to all. Free from signs telling us to keep out or keep off. And free from traffic. A place for relaxation, enjoyment and peaceful contact with nature. 

We advise the City of London Corporation - who run the Heath - on all aspects of their management of the Heath, and  English Heritage on matters relating to Kenwood. 

Our activities also include conservation work, monitoring biodiversity on the Heath and organising public guided walks on flora, fauna and history. 

The Society seeks to preserve and enhance Hampstead Village and its amenities.

We fight inappropriate developments but encourage the best modern design where sites are available. 

We campaign for the refurbishment street furniture and landmarks, and the preservation of trees. We support local business.  And we get involved in issues that directly affect our members such as licensing, traffic, policing and the environment. 

The Society has well over 2000 members from all walks of life. It makes no profits and depends entirely on volunteers. Thankfully those volunteers care deeply for the Heath and Hampstead, and bring a mix of skills, experience and local knowledge that money cannot buy. We are strictly non party-political and our members are represented by about 35 people sitting on a General Committee and four Sub-Committees – for the Heath, Town, Planning and the Web. 

The fight to save the Heath was one of the first great conservation battles of modern times. 

So hard-fought have been the battles to preserve the Heath and Hampstead, that sometimes we need to remind ourselves what has been achieved. 

Freezing on top of Parliament Hill during a winter inspection of the Heath… 

Peggy Jay tribute

Peggy Jay 1913-2008
A tribute.
Provide your professional expertise
We are seeking architects, planners, solicitors, barristers and naturalists who are able to review documents and provide expert advice.

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