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Heath Vision

Heath Vision cover

The principal objective of the Society is to protect Hampstead Heath

And today, we need to be as pro-active as 100 years ago in communicating our ideas about management of the Heath.

That is why the Heath Committee has produced the booklet Heath Vision

Download (PDF 1Mb)
Heath Vision communicates awareness of the Heath’s history, wildlife and conservation management, the need for balance, and the consequences of lack of management. It springs from our love of the Heath and desire to maintain its wild and natural state. 

This means careful management; doing nothing is not an option, as left to itself the Heath would revert to inaccessible woodland and scrub. Sensitive management recognises the needs of different users — walkers prefer a minimum of bramble under trees, encroaching on grass and paths, whereas bird lovers want as much as possible, to provide protection and cover for birds. 

We endorse a balanced combination of policies, and hope that you too will agree, and support us.