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Knock, knock

posted 6 Mar 2012, 12:07 by I.D. Est   [ updated 7 Mar 2012, 12:48 ]
Tall doors, heavy oak doors, painted doors, blue doors with brass ornaments and stained-glass windows.


If you walk down any street in Hampstead Village, you will discover an infinite selection of entranceways and front doors.

The houses might look the same, all in a row like little soldiers. The doors however, are as different as the people who live behind them.

My fascination with doors can be traced back to my uncle. With enthusiasm, and gestures worthy of a conductor, he would point out the woodwork, the hinges, admire the door-handles, and try to guess how old the door was.


I’m a huge fan of red doors with round windows, and there is something truly magical about doors hidden by overgrown plants and trees.

Next time you walk down Hampstead High Street, take a detour down one of the side streets and count how many different doors you see. Notice how big and imposing houses can have the most boring and plain doors. Or how a small cottage can surprise you with a spectacular door flanked by beautiful flowers.

It's the contrast that makes it interesting and alive.

Doors are storytellers. Is this the house of the lonely professor or a young yoga-instructor? Is this the home of a retired gardener, a musician perhaps, or a family with small children? Do they like regular doorbells or old fashioned door knockers? I love lion door knockers. They are so regal and noble.


What does your front door tell us about your life?