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Warmer weather

posted 26 Feb 2012, 15:24 by Stephen Taylor   [ updated 27 Feb 2012, 14:42 ]
I don’t like doing things that are too wholesome. Or to put it in a different way, I don’t want to do something because it’s wholesome. I recently started knitting again, and one of my friends went into this whole thing about bamboo knitting needles, hand-dyed yarn, local knitting-clubs and the healing effect of working with your hands. Good God.

I’ll have you know that the only reason I’m currently knitting is so I can look like Sarah Lund from the Danish series The Killing. You can order her signature sweater online or you make it yourself. I like to knit, and by knitting it myself I can adjust the pattern so it fits me perfectly. Well OK, small draw-back. There is no real pattern, the design is patented, so you have to make it up and be willing to try and fail a little. On my third try I got it right and I’m already done with the main body and the left arm. I always think I’m knitting the left arm first, but of course both arms are exactly the same. Anyways, knitting is kitting, but for some people it is a sustainable life-choice activity, other people simply want a sexy Scandinavian sweater.
It’s not like I need a new sweater, but I do need something warm for my walks on Hampstead Heath. Today it feels like spring is finally here, but I know better than to put on anything less than three layers. The sun can be deceiving. At least I can finally wear my new sunglasses that I bought on EBay from China. Then all I need is a latte from Gail’s (that by the way costs more than my new sunglasses) and I am good to go for a long walk on the heath.

It’s a nice little ritual, these walks of mine. There is something quite Zen about the whole thing. Just walking for the sake of walking, no fixed destination, no time-frame, nothing to achieve. However, if I had to walk next to a nature-enthusiasts who would lecture me on the nurturing effect of our plants and trees and how we all need to feel hugged by the earth, I’d rather sign up for speed-dating.

I’m torn, should I stay inside and finish the sweater, or should I venture outside and fill up my lungs with some much needed fresh air? I think I’ll channel my inner Winnie the Pooh and say yes please to both options. The day is long, and I have countless hours ahead of me.

Happy Sunday.