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Simply by becoming a member of The Heath & Hampstead Society you will help us to protect them.

Your subscription helps fund our activities. 

Your membership swells our numbers. And in this age of accounting when opinions are sometimes weighed by quantity alone, the more members we have, the more weight our opinions carry.

Membership starts to involve you in our work, into which we hope to draw you further. As you can imagine, there's always plenty to do.

Do join us!

Marc Hutchinson, chair

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Benefits of membership
You join The Heath & Hampstead Society, first and foremost, to safeguard the Heath and Hampstead for future generations.
There's nowhere quite like this little corner of the world, so close to the centre of a major metropolis.

It takes constant vigilance and hard work to preserve it, and that's the reason for our existence. If you love the Heath and Hampstead, there's no better way of expressing your love than by becoming a member.
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The Hampstead Card
The Hampstead Card
This members-only card could save you a fortune. Get discounts at local shops, restaurants, and more.

Burgh House shop offers discounts to members

How to help
We have numerous opportunities for members and friends to get involved in the Society's work. We're always looking for people to help to organise Society events.

And if you have specialist professional skills or active hobbies that you feel might be of interest to us or support our cause, please contact us.