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Simply by joining the Society you'll help protect Hampstead and the Heath

Your subscription helps fund our activities. 

Your membership swells our numbers. And in this age of accounting when opinions are sometimes weighed by quantity alone, the more members we have the more weight our opinions carry.

And it starts to involve you in our work, into which we hope of course to draw you further. As you can imagine, there's always plenty to do.

Take part
If you are interested in working on our committees or projects, please mention during registration
what aspects of our work interest you: 
  • Heath
  • Town
  • Planning
  • Web
  • something else…

Make a donation

Perhaps you would like to make a donation to the Society.

All gifts and bequests are most gratefully received. Every penny goes to furthering the causes of the Society. Our officers are all voluntary, we don't claim expenses and our meetings are held in free venues. However, things like legal work, even if we get them pro bono, still cost money, as does circulating the Newsletters; stationery and mailing; and maintaining our residents’ plaques. That's where the money goes. 

And should you be so kind as to give enough money for us to undertake a capital project, there are any number of ideas we have to help protect and preserve beautiful Hampstead and the Heath.

Please download, print, complete and post us the attached Gift Aid donation form with your donation. Or contact us for a discussion in confidence. 
Tulips on Hampstead High St

The Society would like to thank its members for their pledges of over £50,000 to help fight Camden's decision to allow a huge new house to be built on Metropolitan Open Land on the edge of the Heath. Without your help we would never have been able to afford to contest Camden's decision – even at pro bono rates. Defeat for the proposal at the Court of Appeal has put an end to the case and set an invaluable precedent protecting urban green belt throughout the country. You have helped secure nothing less than a historic victory!

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