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The scope of the Planning Sub-Committee's Work

An enormous amount of work is conducted by the Society’s planning volunteers in the field of planning and the environment, to protect the character of Hampstead and the Heath.

To give you some idea of the scope of this work, we have compiled a list of the tasks routinely undertaken.
  • We examine and assess every planning application affecting Hampstead. We raise objections and make constructive comments whenever these are appropriate, ie whenever proposals are damaging to the character of our Conservation Areas, or are unneighbourly.
  • We work with Camden's tree officers to protect endangered trees and encourage the planting of new ones.
  • We recommend changes and amendments to Camden's planning policies affecting Hampstead.
  • We give evidence at planning appeals, usually in support of Camden’s refusal of permission.
  • We raise special initiatives aimed at improving the defence of our Conservation Areas, viz: our Article 4(2) proposals, directed at limiting damaging ‘permitted development’.
  • We respond to consultation papers from Camden and Ministries.
  • We participate in the work of the Hampstead Conservation Area Advisory Committee (HCAAC).
  • We maintain liaison with neighbouring associations with similar objectives. Some of our initiatives are made jointly for greater effect.
  • We aim to maintain the interest and effective support of local councillors, council officers and other bodies.

If, as members of the Society, you are starting a campaign to stop a planning application or fight an appeal, please contact us for further information and advice.