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Do we want a Neighbourhood Plan for Hampstead?

As you may have heard, neighbourhood forums are forming all over the country to draw up neighbourhood plans. Already in Camden, forums have been established in Highgate, Somers Town, Fortune Green & West Hampstead and Kentish Town and more are in the pipeline.

What is a neighbourhood plan? The Localism Bill of 2011 gives local communities new neighbourhood planning powers to establish policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood. This plan must have regard to national planning policy and, in our case, conform to Camden’s Strategic Plan.

Who can be involved? Anyone who lives or works in an area.

What is the point? When a neighbourhood forum is set up it has two powers: to prepare a neighbourhood plan and to make Neighbourhood Development Orders. Neighbourhood plans set out local planning policies that are used alongside the Council's adopted plans when it considers planning applications in the neighbourhood area. Such a plan must have the widespread support of amenity and other groups in the area and pass a local referendum.

Neighbourhood Development Orders effectively grant planning permission for named types of development in specified areas. Development in accordance with the Order wouldn't then need a planning permission.

The Heath & Hampstead Society is organising a meeting to bring together as many local groups as possible to consider how and whether a forum should be set up, what a plan for Hampstead might look like, and how we might go about it.

A representative from the DCLG National Neighbourhood Planning team will give a presentation to guide us on government thinking and answer questions, and an officer from Camden’s Strategic Planning Department and our local councillors will also be joining us.

We are inviting representatives of as many businesses, residents, churches, schools, health facilities and other amenity groups that we know of to this initial meeting but if you know of others who would like to come, please let us know.


Janine Griffis, General Committee, H&HS
Helen Marcus, Vice President, H&HS
Meeting at Burgh House
Tuesday 3 September
7 to 9 pm

Janine Griffis
14 Denning Road
London NW3 1SU

020 7435 2962