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Helping members have a say over all-night drinking

Radical changes in the licensing laws for pubs and bars have swung open the door to all-night drinking. Not surprisingly this has caused widespread local concern. 

Incredibly, neither a society like ours nor a local residents’ association is allowed to comment on an application to change a pub’s license.

Late-night drinking, all-night drinking, turning the place into a venue for live rock, it doesn’t matter, we have no say.

However, they can’t shut us up that easily!  

And so the Society, through a special task force, has taken a leading role in helping local residents present their own evidence at several licensing panel hearings. As a result, many demands for excessively extended opening hours have been refused.

Pub and bar drinking are important social activities. But they must be balanced with the needs of nearby residents to have an undisturbed night's sleep.