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How can a resident get warning?

If the owner of a pub has appointed a licensed manager (the police rather than residents have the power to challenge personal licences), he must obtain a new premises licence for either new premises or for a major change in the size of the pub, or in the type of entertainment offered, or the hours of operation.
The owner or applicant must advertise the proposed changes in the local newspapers and on clear display outside the premises, and must give operating details to the local authority in the application. The latter must notify in writing those who occupy property in the immediate vicinity of the pub (they are known as “interested parties”) and post this information on their website. 

A local amenity group can have a standing registration as an interested party for all applications in a given area. The Heath & Hampstead Society does this.
As always in defending your rights, your first task is to be vigilant: make sure you permanently monitor the situation and of course keep in close and friendly contact with the local pub managers.