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Licence Reviews

Residents of Hampstead have had a lot of success, through groups of concerned neighbours around each pub or bar, supported by the Society, in preventing Hampstead becoming a late-night drinking venue.

This has still allowed a rich variety of places for eating, drinking and merry making, which respect the concerns of resident neighbours and close before anti-social hours. This was achieved through a lot of hard work and careful preparation between 2005 and 2006.

Starting in 2007, a new type of watch and procedure offered by the Act to protect residents has become necessary. This is known as Review.

Any interested party, with new evidence of a serious breach of one or more of the licensing objectives, which has been going on for some time (and not less than 12 months since any previous licensing hearing), and which has not been sorted out or stopped by sensible and genuine attempts through other means, can ask Camden to review the licence and/or its conditions.
The application form must be filled in and submitted to Camden, with copies to the licensee, the fire brigade and the police. Camden will decide to accept or reject the application. If accepted, there follows a 28 day consultation period, during which time all other interested parties can submit their evidence. 

During this time a notice is posted by Camden in the Town Hall Extension and outside the premises in question. A hearing must take place within 20 days of the close of the consultation period. Interested parties are informed in writing of the result.