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Licensing Panel hearings

The pub will have legal representation at the hearing. Each side has 15 minutes in which to make their case. You can have a lawyer or an experienced lay person to represent you, but most of the 15 minutes should be spoken by people directly and personally affected.

Only those who have written on time and whose objections are considered valid can speak, or the one or more people they have appointed in writing. Visual aids or third-party reports are allowed, but must be shown to the other side in good time. 
The Panel also takes account of how far both sides in this type of dispute have shown themselves to be reasonable about the other’s actions, have attempted to work out an acceptable solution to past problems, and above all how far landlords have been and are in control of their customers and how considerate to neighbours in exercising this control to prevent them suffering public nuisance. 

It is a good idea to have a number of supporters in the audience at a hearing to show the strength of local feeling.

A decision will be made on the spot by the Panel.