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February 2010

posted 23 Jul 2011, 09:59 by Stephen Taylor   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 15:56 ]
Cleaning the pavements 
The Town and Fitzjohn’s wards Area Forum organised by Camden has taken on board a proposal to undertake a ‘deep clean’ of the pavements around Hampstead Underground station. This will lead to the removal of much of the staining of the pavements and to a considerable improvement of the area. It is to be hoped that that improvement will be so apparent that Camden will decide to extend the programme to a wider area. 

Financial help for a hydrology report 
The proposal by the Society to the Area Forum that a substantial part of the £20,000 available for spending during the current financial year be allocated to an in-depth professional study of the hydrology of the area is still being considered by Camden. 

Traffic – a 20 mph zone on Fitzjohns Avenue 
At the time of writing this article (mid December) the position on developments relating to the School Run is still unclear. Consultation papers will, by the time you read this Newsletter, have been distributed by Camden to schools, residents, businesses and amenity groups in and around Fitzjohns Avenue. 

These consultations ask whether the proposals to establish a 20 mph zone on Fitzjohns Avenue, a scheme to enable the bussing of children to the schools and the resulting changes to the streets to allow the buses to pull in, and other related work, should be approved. The consultation period, which ends in mid January, will provide evidence of the degree of support to be considered by the Camden Executive (Environment) Sub-group meeting on 15 February 2010. The Society strongly supports the proposals and I hope that local respondents will have shown similar support.

Whitestone Pond, the War Memorial and the Tollgate 
Work on the area surrounding the Whitestone Pond continues. The new lighting is in place and the old lamp standards have been taken down. Considerable further work has still to be undertaken, particularly to the pond itself, and it is unlikely that it will all be completed before the Summer. Juliette Sonabend continues to keep a watching brief.

Last autumn we and others suggested that significant refurbishment to the War Memorial outside Heath House, opposite the Whitestone Pond, was desirable. I am pleased to say that this suggestion has been supported by Camden Councillors Linda Chung and Chris Knight. The work is to be undertaken early in the New Year.

Camden has recently commissioned independent architects to advise on the restoration of the Tollgate House; the resultant draft proposals are currently being discussed with English Heritage and with Camden Conservation. It is hoped that these proposals will be agreed early in the New Year, whereupon formal plans will be drawn up for planning consent purposes. The Society remains closely involved in all aspects of this project.

Hampstead 2020
Most readers will no doubt have seen and heard of the vision for Hampstead put forward by Farokh Khorooshi and his Hampstead 2020 colleagues. The Society strongly supports this initiative and will work with them and with Camden on consideration of the ideas and the development of plans.
NW3 Hampstead 
NW3 Hampstead is the group that represents the traders and business people of Hampstead village and South End Green. Its remit includes the continuing improvement of the services provided to shoppers and others doing business in Hampstead and thus the ongoing development of the facilities and attractiveness of the area. As such, its objects in many areas overlap those of the Society and we wish therefore to work closely with it. I have held discussions with Andrew Lavery, the chairman of NW3 Hampstead, and we have agreed to liaise closely on our programmes and those issues where we have common interests. 

Hampstead plaques 
Although I had hoped that one or perhaps two new Hampstead plaques would be erected over the last few weeks, we have been frustrated in moving the scheme forward. We are still working on those two sites in the hope of getting agreement to do so and further names are being considered. We expect that 2010 will see a number of former local residents being commemorated.