• Photographs must be submitted by posting them on Instagram to @heath_hampstead_society using the #myhampsteadheath hashtag. Competitors must follow the Society’s Instagram account in the submission process. The Society is not responsible for any delays in or malfunctioning of this system.
  • The photograph must relate to an aspect of Hampstead Heath or life on it. It must not contain an image of a recognisable person, brand or logo unless the competitor has obtained the relevant permission.
  • Each competitor may submit up to a maximum of four photographs. Photographs submitted in previous rounds of the competition can be submitted in subsequent rounds.
  • The closing time and date for receipt of entries is 5pm (London time) on Monday 10 December 2018. Entries received after that time or which, in the opinion of the trustees of the Society, do not comply with these terms and conditions will be rejected.
  • Competitors must be UK residents aged 14 or over as at the closing date. Members of the Society’s committees and sub-committees are not eligible to compete.
  • The winning photograph will be chosen by the trustees of the Society and Matthew Maran, author of the acclaimed photographic study: Hampstead Heath: London’s Countryside. Their decision will be final.
  • The criteria applied in that choice will be: creativity, originality and the visual attraction of an image which, in and of itself, clearly relates to some distinctive aspect of the Heath.
  • Copyright in each photograph submitted must be vested exclusively in the competitor submitting it. The copyright will remain vested in that competitor and will not pass to the Society.
  • The photographs submitted by competitors will be able to be viewed by other competitors and Instagram users, and each competitor consents to such viewing. The credited winning photograph will also appear on the Society website and may also appear in the Society Newslettter.
  • The competitor submitting the winning photograph will receive the following prizes: (i) a free annual membership of the Society, (ii) a copy of Matthew Maran’s recently published book entitled “Hampstead Heath – London’s Countryside.”
  • The competitor submitting the winning photograph will be notified within 2 weeks of the closing date at the email address provided by the competitor, and will receive the prizes as soon as practicable thereafter.