Westfield College was founded in 1882 through the efforts of four female pioneers seeking to bring further education to women, when it was not considered a priority.

Ann Dudin Brown, Constance Maynard, Caroline Cavendish, and Mary Petrie founded the college with the specific aim of preparing women with degrees from the University of London, teaching subjects not considered to be relevant to their lives. Together with the arts and humanities, the college introduced the study of botany in 1905 thus enabling female students to participate in research and carry out laboratory experiments and research.

In 1891 the college moved to Kidderpore Avenue, Hampstead. In 1932 Westfield received its Royal Charter of Incorporation and in 1965 male students were admitted. 

This plaque was unveiled in 1983 with significant support from the Principal of  Westfield College, Dr Bryan Thwaites, who viewed its installation as a part of the college’s own centenary celebration.

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