Lecture at Marylebone Parish Church

Fanny Mills invites you to the launch of a new book ‘Unravelled’ at Burgh House on May 23



“I think your book is wonderful – it brings back Hampstead in the 1970s with Proustian intensity”

(Michael Hall, author, former editor of the Burlington Magazine, Apollo Magazine and Deputy 
Editor of Country Life.) 

The Springett Lecture 2024

Kite Display 2024

Natural Aspect Summer Concert 2024

Exhibition of wood engravings at Highgate Gallery

The Heath & Hampstead Society together with the City of London Corporation celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Hampstead Heath Act with a concert at the Bandstand on 5th September 2021.

The sun came out – along with several hundred spectators – to shine on a free concert calked ‘Natural Aspect’. Why that title? It is taken from the original wording of the Hampstead Heath Act 1871 whereby the Heath was to be preserved for ever more as an oasis with a “natural aspect”.


The Northern Heights Circuit

London’s open air museum: buildings, famous people, nature, social history.

HIGHGATE NORTH HILL – The most architecturally diverse residential street in London?


The Northern Heights Partnership

The Northern Heights Partnership is an alliance of four not-for-profit organisations, co-ordinated by the Highgate Society, whose common aim is to protect and promote the historic heritage and natural beauty of London’s Northern Heights. (more…)

Ground response to basement development in Camden

Summary of a talk to the Society on 23 May 2013 by Dr Michael de Freitas, Chartered Geologist and Director of First Steps Ltd, also Emeritus Reader of Engineering Geology at Imperial College London.

What every resident should know about geology, groundwater and basement excavation