Our 2018 monthly guided walks on Hampstead Heath are essential for anyone interested in the history, conservation and ecology of the Heath.

For a modest charge you can see the Heath afresh. Learn the songs of its birds, walk along its old Saxon ditches, admire trees that have grown there since Elizabeth I was a child, discover hidden gardens and secret arches, and learn to read the Heath in ways that will enrich every one of your visits.Walks are normally held on the first Sunday of every month except January. Most start from Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead Village, NW3 1LT, 10 minutes walk from Hampstead Tube Station. For map see www.burghhouse.org.uk

Starting times are either 10.30am or 2.30pm (9.30am for birds). Walks last approximately two hours, and you are recommended to wear suitable footwear as conditions may be rough or muddy.

You will be invited to make a minimum donation of £5 per adult, collected at the beginning of each walk, to help support future development of the walks programme and the Society’s activities.

The Society does not organise walks specifically for children but they are always welcome so long as they are suitably shod, can walk reasonable distances and are accompanied by an adult taking full responsibility for them.

Parking at Burgh House, especially in spring and summer is very difficult. The Heath car park on East Heath Road is 10 minutes walk; the West Heath car park (behind Jack Straw’s Castle) is more likely to have spaces.

For further information contact the walk organiser:
Thomas Radice
07941 528 034

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Past Guided Walks

Sun 02 Dec, 2018: The Hidden Heath: signs of the Heath's past

Sun 04 Nov, 2018: Trees of the Heath

Sun 07 Oct, 2018: Hampstead Heath from the 1820s to the 1920s: a century-long campaign

Sun 02 Sep, 2018: Birds of the Heath in the Autumn

Sun 05 Aug, 2018: The Hampstead Heath Extension

Sun 01 Jul, 2018: Spider Foray

Sun 03 Jun, 2018: Flora of the Heath

Sun 06 May, 2018: Nature and wildlife of Hampstead Heath

Sun 01 Apr, 2018: Birds of the Heath in Spring

Sun 04 Mar, 2018: The Pergola, the Hill Garden and Golder's Hill Park

Sun 04 Feb, 2018: The History of the Hampstead Heath Ponds

Sun 03 Dec, 2017: The Hidden Heath: signs of the Heath's past

Sun 05 Nov, 2017: How the Heath was saved

Sun 01 Oct, 2017: Sandy Heath