This month’s highlights

It is May, and birds are busy nesting. Blue Tits and Great Tits can be seen at nest holes in trees, as can Jackdaws and Rose-Ringed Parakeets high in the veteran oaks of Ken Wood.

Bluebells have peaked as Red Campion and Buttercups come into bloom.

You are unlikely to see them, but Grass Snakes have emerged from their winter shelters and are now active on the Heath.

All of these photos were taken on the Heath at this time of year. Many thanks to our photographers: Liz Andrew (Jackdaw) and Adrian Brooker (the rest) .

Biodiversity and you – make a difference!


This year’s biodiversity interpretation boards are a collaboration between City of London, English Heritage, Heath Hands, Marylebone Birdwatching Society, London Natural History Society and Heath & Hampstead Society. Boards will change with the seasons – view them all to the left.