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The Ponds Project:
what's it all about?

Meet at Burgh House,
2.30 pm
led by
Thomas Radice and Lynda Cook,  Heath Sub-Committee

The intrusive and large-scale engineering works to the Hampstead Heath ponds that have dominated the scene for the past two years are the result of professional advice to the City of London on its duties under reservoirs legislation. Heath & Hampstead Society Committee members Thomas Radice and Lynda Cook will explain the background to the City’s Ponds Project and the arguments behind the Society’s unsuccessful legal challenge. The walk will show participants the current progress of the works and discuss the long-term environmental and visual impacts on the Heath after the works have been completed

'Preparing for a storm
expected some time in the next 400,000 years.'

The High Court has ruled against the Society's claim to halt the Ponds Project.

Severely intrusive engineering works will disrupt the Heath's use for the next two years, and permanently blemish its beauty.

The Ponds Project Gazeteer

Legal proceedings

Causeway closed
The causeway between Hampstead Ponds Number 1 and 2 will be closed for resurfacing for two weeks from Monday 27 June, but will be open weekend 2/3 July. The Causeway is closed at the contractor's insistence for safety reasons.

Diary Dates
Springett Lecture

7.30pm Thursday 27 October

Thomas Pakenham

"The Company of Trees:
a year in a lifetime's quest."

at Burgh House
New End, Hampstead

Proms at St Jude's
Classical and jazz music
Guided heritage walks
Sat 25 June to Sun 3 July


Society raises nine objections to proposed use of former police station as a school.
Further increases in school-run traffic and pollution would be a disaster.

Chairman's letter to The Economist answering a call for Green belt development and end of 'barmy rules' such as statutory protected views from the heath.

City agrees to Society's protective provisions for Heath

After months of consultation with the Society, the  City's proposed new 'Open Spaces' bill will now include protective provisions ensuring the continued wild and natural state of the Heath.


Athlone House
Plans to demolish a much-loved landmark on the edge of the Heath and replace it with mega-mansion dubbed 'a Stalinist wedding cake' have been thrown out after a six year battle lead jointly by this Society and the Highgate Society.
Read the full decision

Proposed by  local residents, drawn up by the Neighbourhood Forum. Do you agree? 

Major roads closed and hundreds of HGVs a day through Hampstead for the next ten years?

How the Heath was saved

Guided Walks 
To find out more visit our Guided Walks section for details.

Rare Books of local interest

for sale to members

Original 1912 editions

Barratt's Annals of Hampstead kindly donated by a generous member of the Society to help us raise funds.

Society membership passes 2000

Membership has passed 2000 for the first time
in our 118 year history! 

A rise spurred on by public backing for last year's legal proceedings launched by the Society, challenging the legality of the City's  huge new dams that will disfigure the Heath forever.