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 Huge new “flood defences” planned for the Heath Ponds.

The Society has fought the City of London Dams Project for four years. An appeal to the government to grant the Heath Ponds an exemption from recent changes that have reclassified them as reservoirs is the last remaining chance to stop the work. The chainsaws are already out and the bulldozers are already moving in.

Camden Councillors give go ahead to Dams

Despite more than 1,000 letters of objection and a 14,000 - signature petition, Councillors voted six to three with one abstention in favour of the scheme. Councillor Gimson warned of a potential tsunami sweeping away her constituents in Dartmouth Park.

The Society has appealed to the Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss to intervene by exempting (as she has the power to do) the ponds from laws designed for commercial reservoirs.

Court rules Ponds Project
can go ahead.

One expert engineer has decided the future of the Heath.

The High Court has ruled against the Society's claim to halt the Ponds Project.
Severely intrusive engineering works will disrupt the Heath's use for the next two years, and permanently blemish its beauty.

How the Heath was saved
A talk by Helen Marcus, Vice President

Hampstead Geology, Basements and Engineers; an incompatible threesome?
Michael Eldred

Thursday 23 April
St Stephen's
7 for 7.30pm

With eleven walks in 2015 you're sure to find something you'll like. Tree and bird identification; the hidden Heath; the Heath and Kenwood; wildlife management and ecology; and of course the Ponds. To find out more visit our Guided Walks section for details.

Proposed by  local residents, drawn up by the Neighbourhood Forum. Do you agree? 

Society membership passes 2000
Membership of The Heath and Hampstead Society has passed 2000 for the first time in its 118 year history!
The rise has been spurred on by public backing for last year's legal proceedings launched by the Society, challenging the legality of the City's proposals for huge new dams that will disfigure the Heath forever.

Major roads closed and hundreds of HGVs a day through Hampstead for the next ten years?


Public support welcomed

From 10 a.m

Tuesday February 10th to Friday February 27th  Tuesday-Friday each week.

The Wesley Hotel, 81-103 Euston Street [not Road!], London N.W.1

We will also endeavour to have a presence throughout the inquiry.

Your support, and that of the wider public, will be very important to us in demonstrating to the Inspector the strength of public feeling about the development. There will be seating for 50 members of the public.

 A strong presence on the final day (Feb. 27th) will also help to confirm public concern about the outcome.

You will not be able to speak – but don’t under-estimate the impact which a good demonstration of Public Interest will make on the Inspector, Colin Ball, who was the Inspector in the 2014 Smithfield Inquiry, another major heritage-related inquiry.

To save the Heath skyline for future generations we really need your help.

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