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The City of London intends to build huge new “flood defences” on the Heath ponds. 

The Society has fought the Dams for three years. An appeal to the government to grant the Heath Ponds an exemption from recent changes that have reclassified them as reservoirs is our last remaining chance to stop the work. After that the chainsaws come out and the bulldozers move it.

How the Heath was saved
A talk by Helen Marcus, Vice President

Society membership passes 2000
Membership of The Heath and Hampstead Society has passed 2000 for the first time in its 118 year history!
The rise has been spurred on by public backing for the legal proceedings launched by the Society, challenging the legality of the City's proposals for huge new dams and embankments that will disfigure the Heath forever.
The Society has so far raised £90,000 towards our target of £100,000 to cover the possible costs of these proceedings.

Proposed by  local residents , drawn up by the Neighbourhood Forum. Do you agree?

Stop HS2
Major roads closed and hundreds of HGVs a day through Hampstead for the next ten years? 

Sign the Society’s petition to Stop HS2!

Traffic jams from Crossrail construction

Camden Councillors give go ahead to Dams

Despite more than a thousand letters of objection, Councillors voted six to two with one abstention in favour of the scheme. One Councillor warning of a potential tsunami in Dartmouth Park.

The society's final option is to appeal to environment secretary Elizabeth Truss to intervene by exempting the ponds from laws designed for reservoirs.

Court rules Ponds Project
can go ahead.
One expert may have decided future of the Heath.

The court has ruled against the Society's attempt to halt the Ponds Project.
Severely intrusive engineering works will disrupt the Heath's
use for the next two years, and permanently blemish its beauty.
However, we intend to fight on by opposing the planning application for the project.

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on the Hampstead Heath ponds project
by the City of London
and the Heath and Hampstead Society

Newsletter Oct 2014
Find out what's really happening in our latest newsletter:
  • Members raise £90,000 to fight the dams; court case looms.
  • Updates on Athlone House; 29 New End; Oak Processionary Moth; Sainsbury's; policing; and plaques.
  • Writers and Resisters: walking in the footsteps of Hampstead's suffragettes.
  • Chess Reniassance in Hampstead.
  • A new collection of rare old Heath and Hampstead photos published.
  • Towering new idea for Keats House.
  • Latest news from Heath, Town and Planning sub-committees and Neighbourhood Forum.

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Guided Walks 
With eleven walks in 2015 you're sure to find something you'll like. Tree and bird identification; the hidden Heath; the Heath and Kenwood; wildlife management and ecology; and of course the ponds. To find out more visit our Guided Walks section for details.