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NEXT WALK: 1 November
Trees and the Historic Landscape
10.30am; meet at East Heath Car Park, Opposite Downshire Hill,
led by Jonathan Meares,
 Tree and Conservation Manager,
Hampstead Heath.

'Preparing for a storm
expected some time in the next 400,000 years.'

The High Court has ruled against the Society's claim to halt the Ponds Project.

Severely intrusive engineering works will disrupt the Heath's use for the next two years, and permanently blemish its beauty.

The chainsaws are out and as many of you will know the first of 170 trees have been felled including 13 mature oaks on the Stock Pond.
The earth shifters are here too and now we must grin and bear it for the next two years.

To stay informed please follow the links below which will be periodically updated.

The Ponds Project Gazeteer

Pond by Pond works summaries
Hampstead Chain
Highgate Chain

Legal proceedings

Athlone House
Plans to demolish a much-loved landmark on the edge of the Heath and replace it with mega-mansion dubbed 'a Stalinist wedding cake' have been thrown out after a six year battle lead jointly by this Society and the Highgate Society.
Read the full decision

With eleven walks in 2015 you're sure to find something you'll like. Tree and bird identification; the hidden Heath; the Heath and Kenwood; wildlife management and ecology; and of course the Ponds. To find out more visit our Guided Walks section for details.

Proposed by  local residents, drawn up by the Neighbourhood Forum. Do you agree? 

Major roads closed and hundreds of HGVs a day through Hampstead for the next ten years?

How the Heath was saved

Newsletter, May 2015

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Rare Books of local interest
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Original 1912 editions of Barratt's Annals of Hampstead kindly donated by a generous member of the Society to help us raise funds.

Society membership passes 2000

Membership of The Heath and Hampstead Society has passed 2000 for the first time in its 118 year history! 
The rise has been spurred on by public backing for last year's legal proceedings launched by the Society, challenging the legality of the City's proposals for huge new dams that will disfigure the Heath forever.