Commuter Cycling threatens Heath

Prior to the pandemic, the position with Heath cycle routes was that the City would not review any new proposals for more cycle paths until 2022.

In light of the pandemic, Camden Council are now looking at measures to encourage cycling (etc) in the borough.

There are at least six proposals for increased cycling on the Heath.

The position of the Society is that no more cycling should be allowed on the Heath. A vision of how more cycling would adversely affect the Heath and its pedestrians has been given to us during lockdown when the City was unable to enforce the Heath bylaws and cycling was uncontrolled. We received many valid complaints about the damage to the Heath and the danger to pedestrians.

The Heath now gets 11 million pedestrian visits a year and there is simply not the space on the existing pathways for more cycling. We’d like to thank members for writing to oppose more cycling on the Heath.

The Heath is not, and should not be made, part of London’s transport infrastructure. We firmly believe that any increased cycling arrangements now introduced under the pretext of the pandemic will become permanent.

Current proposals for more Heath cycling (there may be others):

 1. Heath Lido Path
 Make it cycling

 2. Main Broad walk near Athletics track 
Erect lampposts that can light the path during school travel hours in winter i.e. 3.30pm – 7.00pm

3.  Millfield lane end of cycle path 
Opening up more of Hampstead Heaths main paths to cyclists would be brilliant, if would help people to commute safely.

4. Heath dual use intersection above Mixed Pond
Camden should work with TfL and the City of London Corporation to create a proper cycle route through Hampstead Heath, linking Jack Straw’s Castle to the Gordon House Road crossroad. This would especially benefit cyclists from Haringay and Barnet who currently lack proper infrastructure on their commutes into the centre.

5.  path leading off cuttings up to Kite Hill 
Extend/widen footpath  use the Heath as a car-free environment.15 wide paths that allow safe cycling AND safe walking ..

6. Lime Avenue
 Make this a cycleway