How the City of London Corporation is currently managing Hampstead Heath

From the Superintendent of Hamsptead Heath 27 March 2020
We are working hard to keep the Heath open during this National Emergency and we are asking all our visitors to help us care for the Heath by following the Government’s advice to observe social distancing, protect the NHS and save lives.
The health and welfare of our Heath staff and visitors is our overriding priority.
Therefore, there are a small number of staff on duty at any one time and they will only be performing critical services.
The following key messages, based on Government guidelines, are being promoted using social media and signage on site.
● Keep at least 2 metres away from others and only visit the Heath to get your daily exercise of walking or running.
● Take all litter and waste away with you. All waste bins have been removed as we do not have the staff resources to collect the waste.
● Keep dogs under control, if necessary, on a lead, and take dog waste away with you for disposal at home, in your black bin. All dog waste bins have also been removed.
● No picnics or social gatherings of any kind.

The following facilities are closed until further notice:
All cafes
All playgrounds
All public toilets
All staff offices
The Bathing Ponds and Parliament Hill Fields Lido
The gym at the Lido
All tennis courts
The Trim Trail and outdoor gym equipment
The Athletics Track
The Hill Garden and Pergola
All car parks.
(East Heath car park has been given over for the sole use of the NHS
for 24-hour access for their staff working at the Royal Free Hospital.)
All Heath events until June have been postponed and all filming and photoshoots have been suspended.
Football, rugby and all sports games have been cancelled.
A decision has also been taken to hold the closing time at Golders Hill Park to 7pm to relieve the pressure on staff. We are asking visitors to leave promptly.

Thank you for helping us to keep the Heath open by following these emergency measures.