Working together to care for the Heath during the pandemic

Update from The Heath Superintendent, 17 April 2020
Your continued support is very much appreciated as the Government lockdown is extended. You can help us by sharing these updates, via email, with your friends and neighbours so it reaches as many people as possible. Over the past couple of weeks as the Government restrictions continue it has become clear that particularly in London, where many people live in flats and do not have access to gardens, parks and green spaces are playing a crucial role in keeping the population well, both mentally and physically. The Government’s Guidance is clear – stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. We are working together with our stakeholders to keep the Heath open for daily exercise because of the huge benefits this has for health and wellbeing. To help us do this and limit the spread of coronavirus, our visitors have got to do their bit too. We’re urging people to stay local,avoid gathering in groups, and keep at least two metres apart. Only use the Heath once a day to walk or run and take all litter and dog waste away with you. We are also reminding visitors to keep close control of their dogs, or to keep them on a lead if necessary. We are receiving a lot of correspondence about cycling on the Heath. There are four shared use paths on the Heath where cyclists must give way to walkers and not exceed 12MPH. The routes are marked on all the maps as you enter the Heath as well as being waymarked on the ground. The warm weather over Easter did bring many more people to the Heath but we were pleased to see that the vast majority followed the Government’s Guidance by respecting social distancing and only visiting to get exercise. Metropolitan Police Officers have been advising those who are not following Government Guidance.
Golders Hill Park continues to close at 7pm each evening. Thank you for your continuing support by leaving promptly to allow our staff can get home at the end of their shifts.
We are encouraged to find less litter and dog waste as our visitors have reacted positively and taken waste away with them. We hope this is a change in behaviour that will stick after this crisis is over.
Thank you for your on-going support.
Help us to care for the Heath, observe social distancing, protect the NHS and save lives.