Help choose a new cafe for Golders Hill Park

The current café licensee at Golders Hill Park is retiring towards the end of the year. The City of London have commissioned environmental charity Groundwork London to conduct a public consultation to determine how the café can best meet the future needs of local residents and customers.   Consultation is by online questionnaire (paper forms …

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Commuter Cycling threatens Heath

Prior to the pandemic, the position with Heath cycle routes was that the City would not review any new proposals for more cycle paths until 2022. In light of the pandemic, Camden Council are now looking at measures to encourage cycling (etc) in the borough and have launched a consultation. There are at least six …

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London’s Refuge since 1349

By Will Coles, Heath Sub-Committee. For many Londoners, our green spaces – especially the Heath – are an important amenity where we can take refuge from city life with fresh air, wildlife, and beautiful views. Hampstead in particular has long been seen as a retreat in times of crisis. In his History of Westminster Abbey, …

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Society’s Bird Survey finds family of buzzards.

A nesting birds survey conducted by the Society has found a family of buzzards at Kenwood.Jeff Waage, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who is leading the research, said: “It is exceedingly rare to see these sorts of birds in an urban area, and now all of a sudden they’re here, hanging …

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How the City of London Corporation is currently managing Hampstead Heath

From the Superintendent of Hamsptead Heath 27 March 2020 We are working hard to keep the Heath open during this National Emergency and we are asking all our visitors to help us care for the Heath by following the Government’s advice to observe social distancing, protect the NHS and save lives.The health and welfare of …

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Working together to care for the Heath during the pandemic

Update from The Heath Superintendent, 17 April 2020 Your continued support is very much appreciated as the Government lockdown is extended. You can help us by sharing these updates, via email, with your friends and neighbours so it reaches as many people as possible. Over the past couple of weeks as the Government restrictions continue …

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Calling all Birdwatchers

We would like to improve our knowledge of where birds are nesting on the Heath. This spring we welcome any members who regularly walk on the Heath to report where they see birds nesting. We will provide you with information on how to spot a nesting bird, and a website where you can record your …

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Society wins case against builder of illegal new house on Heath

Follow the history of the case through our Newsletter archive: Hidden house discovered Trees lost Owner appeals Battle lines drawn Waiting Victory in court

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Hollow Beech, The Vale

Possibly the favourite tree on Hampstead Heath. Polished smooth inside by generations of locals who have climbed inside it – the record is said to be 15!!  It lost a third of its canopy in the Big Storm of  of 1987, including the central leader from about 40 feet, and some fool even set a …

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Society thanks the City for 30 years of caring for the Heath.

The City of London Corporation has been managing and preserving the Heath since 1989. During that time, the Society has been working closely with the City and it was only fitting to host a party to mark that anniversary and honour the relationship. The selection of photographs, courtesy of Diana Von R Photography, and the …

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