Helping in community and civic affairs

The Society has supported a number of important local community projects, such as the saving and renovation of Hampstead Town Hall as an arts and educational centre, civic improvements to the South End Green area, and the restoration of S. S. Teulon’s masterpiece, St. Stephen’s Church, as a community resource.

The Town Committee, having completed projects to improve the Whitestone Pond area, is now working on a project to renovate Hampstead’s distinctive tiled street nameplates, and to open up the public space at Oriel Place.

Scrutinising licensing

The Society takes a leading role in helping local residents present evidence in determinations of licensing applications and at licensing panel hearings.
As a result, many demands for unreasonably extended opening hours are refused. Pub and bar drinking are pleasant social activities but must be balanced with the rights of nearby residents to have an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Engaging with the Police

Town Committee members work closely with the Metropolitan Police and its Safer Neighbourhood panels to improve community safety and combat anti-social behaviour in Hampstead. The Town Committee also supported Camden Council at the planning inquiry in relation to the unsuccessful attempt to turn the former Hampstead Police Station, a listed building, into a school.

Going green

Traffic, air, noise and light pollution, sustainable construction and waste recycling are at the forefront of all new thinking by the Town Committee and the Society generally. A green approach is taken wherever practicable.

Exploring Hampstead history

The fascinating history and unique geography of Hampstead are of great importance to many aspects of the work of the Town Committee.

Many notable men and women have lived in Hampstead over the years, some of whom are commemorated by plaques. The familiar blue plaques, of which there are many in the area, are the sole responsibility of English Heritage. What is not so well known is that the Society has for many years had its own programme of plaques. There are 40 of these oval-shaped black plaques in Hampstead. The Town Committee has initiated a new programme to repair and renew these and continues to erect new ones.