How we work

Freezing on top of Parliament Hill during a winter inspection of the Heath.

Sweltering inside the Town Hall on a summer’s evening.   Trying to stay awake whilst slogging through a 350-page summary of the Government’s latest planning directive.   Enjoying a glass of something whilst a sub-committee chair highlights the glories of Arts and Crafts-style architecture.

The work of the Society’s committees is nothing if not varied.   What it does have in common however, is that it is entirely voluntary.   Yet without the skills and dedication of those who serve on them, the work of the Society would be in vain.

The General Committee (the Society’s trustees) meets six times a year and is ultimately responsible for the Society’s affairs.   Its members are locally active and have usually worked on the sub-committees, of which there are three:  Heath, Town and Planning.   Heath and Town meet every second month and Planning meets monthly:  between them they are responsible for the day-to-day business of the Society.

A lot of work goes on between each of these meetings.   Regular ‘inspections’ of the Heath are made.   Papers are prepared on matters of interest and concern.   Representations are made to Camden, English Heritage and the City.   Informal meetings are held.   And most matters affecting the Heath and Hampstead are considered.